leadernim on the main of Naver Entertainment <3

leadernim on the main of Naver Entertainment <3

the happiest video from Seoul today. 

the very general and blunt history of groups from SM

h.o.t split with SM not offering three members any contracts

S.E.S disappeared with one member at a time from activities followed by a notice saying that the group was no more

Shinhwa left SM together, fought in lawsuits with SM, and are still in lawsuits due to SM-created issues that escalated over time

Fly to the Sky took off together when SM offered a contract to only one member in a group of two

TVXQ parted ways in the nastiest SM battle against three members with the pain still stinging today

TRAX was never the same again after one member went to do other things and another just disappeared

CSJH-the Grace never came back, despite hopeful news of a comeback

Super Junior lost a member, gained a member, watched a member disappear into the horizon, and added two new members with a sub group

SNSD dropped a member with details continuing to unfold

f(x) paused because a member wanted a temporary out

EXO lost two members in the same year with similar lawsuits, wanting to break away from SM.

Good luck SHINee

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and it’s a GENERAL history, so relax.

stress-eating the kang taeha’s way.

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Shinhwa, 10+ Years, Their Constant 16 Years Shine Brighter Amongst Reunion Rushes »

I know this is going to get translated later, so here a sneak peek at this awesome article that came out today

While all the first generation idol groups are rushing to reunite this year, there is one team that seems to come to mind. It is Shinhwa, the longest running idol group in Korea that has been promoting music continuously for 16 years. 


Along with H.O.T, Sechs Kies, Fin.K.L, S.E.S, Baby Vox, and other first generation idols, as well as TVXQ, Super Junior, Big Bang, and other representative junior kpop boy groups, and even juniors that debuted last years, Shinhwa was the one promoting with them. That is with Eric, Shin Hye Sung, Kim Dong Wan, Lee Min Woo, Jun Jin, Andy - the original six without a single member change. 

To be picky, Shinhwa is the senior of the recently reunited g.o.d, Fly to the Sky, Buzz, and Lee Hyori, who wants to see a Fin.K.L reunion. However, Shinhwa is still returning with new songs to the front line and battling it out with its junior idol groups with good intentions. With that said, the words, ‘selling the past’ is not fitting for Shinhwa, but rather,  ’present progressive for 16 years’ is perfect. 



my feels in one GIF
screw you jun media
cr msmemaaaa for dor gif

this. so much. 


my feels in one GIF

screw you jun media

cr msmemaaaa for dor gif

this. so much. 

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"Tonight, I also suggest to you, instead of others, ask yourself "are you really ok?" Check on yourself like this and do a warm "goodnight" to yourself. So, tonight as well, good night, Jang Jae Yeol"

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꽃처럼 예쁜 아이들이, 꽃같이 한창 예쁠 나이에 꽃잎처럼 날아갔다.
손에서 놓으면 잃어버린다.
생각에서 잊으면 잊어버린다

Children as beautiful as flowers, at an age when they are the most beautiful like flowers, floated away like flower petals.
If we let go from our hands, they’ll be lost.
If we forget them in our thoughts, they’ll be forgotten.


Yoo Jae Suk’s note on ‘Dreaming Radio with Yoo Jae Suk’ on 2014.09.11

The song that quietly followed Yoo Jae Suk’s voice was Ladies’ Code’s I’m Fine Thank you

cant stop laughing

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