a younger lee min woo exercising with a younger hwangssabu… at maybe the not-yet-developed yg gym?

Seeing recent updates on Lee Min Woo’s FB, I’m convinced he knows everyone and is super chummy with everyone. 


RIP Shirley Temple Black
April 23, 1928 – February 10, 2014

she changed the way i ate animal crackers. 

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shinhwa & their hoobaes~

almost started crying when i witnessed this moment in person

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My friend is selling B1A4 albums. 

Thought I would post for anyone who was interested. 

She already convinced me to buy a copy. The album is really well-made and definitely worth your money.

You can tweet her at https://twitter.com/angiesaurusK


Happy FRIDAY (in korea)

Do Min Joon’s dream~

they’re so happy that it makes me wanna cry

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아우 배야…
정신 차리자…나는 스타야…
나는 아시아의…별이야…
나는…국민 여신이야
병원 패션도…내가 일인자 여야만 해…

Ah….my stomach…
No, focus. I am a star.
I am…the star of Asia…
I am…the nation’s actress.
Aigo…. It’s so dark.
I must…be the best…even in hospital fashion.
- Chun Song Yi

-Episode 3

she is my favorite.

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This was from a while back.

This was from a while back.

SHCJs get bored of Shin Hye Sung talking and do the wave instead at a fanmeeting »


"Guys!! I’m trying to talk!" 

"I guess they don’t want to hear Hyesung talk"



A Surprise Pride and Prejudice Engagement

(Note: This isn’t me)

this…is just amazing. 

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