The Stories of Shinhwa: A collection of fan accounts and legends passed down from one SHCJ to Another

Please credit properly if taking out.






A SHCJ suddenly started doing forward and backwards somersaults in front of Shinhwa.

SHCJ: Oppa! I got an A in PE for doing somersaults. So I showed you.

Shinhwa couldn’t stop laughing.



Bored, a SHCJ dressed up in a Korean traditional dress and did a traditional bow to Shinhwa during a fanmeeting, making everyone there burst out laughing.






SHCJ: Oppa! You’re the best!!

MW: No, FT Island is better.

SHCJ: No!!! Shinhwa is better!

MW: No, Super Junior is better, right?

SHCJ: No! Shinhwa is the best!!

MW: No, TVXQ is better.

SHCJ: (getting angry) I said Shinhwa is BETTER!!!!!!!!

MW: …..



SHCJ: Oppa! You’re so sexy.

MW: Really? When?

SHCJ: When you’re dancing and singing…

MW: And?

SHCJ: Hrm…sorry, I can’t remember all of the sudden…

MW: It’s okay. You’ll learn when you grow up.

SHCJ: ???????

Another SHCJ: (overheard everything) Oppa…why are you doing that to a young fan?

MW: Kekekekekekekekekeke





SHCJ hands Kim Dong Wan eye cream

SHCJ: Oppa, I bought the same kind my mom uses. Don’t think about getting plastic surgery and put it on diligently.



SHCJ: Oppa, I love you.

DW: …. (signs quietly)

SHCJ: I’m not a girl who says that out of habit.

DW: (frozen in surprise)



SHCJ told the same joke to both Kim Dong Wan and Lee Min Woo. Lee Min Woo didn’t laugh, but Kim Dong Wan burst out laughing.

SHCJ: It’s not funny?

MW: No, it’s funny.

SHCJ: Oppa, is it funny?

DW: No, not funny.





SHCJ: Oppa…

ER: (signing) …..

SHCJ: Do you smell something burning?

ER: Do you want to die?????

SHCJ: Oppa, do you smell something burning?

JJ: …..yeah, I don’t.



SHCJ: Oppa, are you a regular member of Yeon Ie Mal (popular anti celebrity café)?

ER: No.

SHCJ: Come on~ You’re a regular member!

ER: I am not.

SHCJ: Then are you an associate member?

ER: …..



Eric was late to a fansigning by 40 minutes.

SHCJ: Oppa, I’m getting your autograph after waiting 15 hours, 34 minutes, and 4 seconds.

ER: Really?

SHCJ: Do you think I’m lying? (getting angry)

ER: Sorry…

SHCJ: (suddenly smiling) No~ kekeke I can wait 40 days.

ER: I’m really sorry.

SHCJ: (getting awkward) It’s okay, oppa!

ER: Okay…But I’m really sorry.

SHCJ: Stop it.


Eric came five minutes early to the next fansigning.



SHCJ: Can you write ‘Lose Weight’ in the PS? I want to diet after receiving some shock.

ER: (looks at SHCJ) Yeah…you need to lose some weight.

That SHCJ became shocked at his words….and ended up eating more.



ER: What’s your name?

SHCJ: Pikachu.

ER: What?

SHCJ: Pikachu.


SHCJ looks at the signature later and sees, “To Pikachu, from Raichu.”





SHCJ with the ID ‘Handsome Hye Sung’ stood before Shin Hye Sung.


SHCJ: Oppa, I am ‘Handsome Hye Sung.’ (getting nervous)

HS: If it’s handsome, it’s our Eric~^^ So go to Eric~

SHCJ somehow ended up getting Eric’s signature instead



SHCJ: Oppa, I am ‘Alcohol Whale Hye Sung!’

HS: If it’s alcohol, it’s our Jin! Go to Jin!

SHCJ: Op…oppa!!

And SHCJ ended up getting Jun Jin’s signature instead



SHCJ: Oppa, I’m not feeling good today.

HS: Why? What happened!

SHCJ: I couldn’t poop well in the morning.

Shin Hye Sung couldn’t sign for the next five fans because he was laughing too hard.



SHCJ: Oppa, hello!

HS: (smiling) It’s good to meet you!

SHCJ: Oppa, I’m sorry, but can you do it fast, because I have to go to the bathroom.

HS: You should have gone earlier…

SHCJ: I have to run 100 meters to the bathroom.

HS: You still should have gone before.

SHCJ: Seriously, oppa. I said it’s an emergency!!! Hurry!!! T T I’m dying.

HS: Sorry, sorry~~ Here. Handshake….

SHCJ: Handshake next time. Sorry.





A really pretty SHCJ came to a fansigning.

JJ: Let’s get married.

SHCJ: I don’t want to.



A SHCJ went to a fansigning, where Jun Jin was sweating profusely because of the hot weather.

JJ: I’ll give you a hug after signing.

SHCJ: No…that’s okay.




SHCJ: Andy oppa, marry me.

AN: No ^^

SHCJ went home disappointed.

Andy recognized her at the next fan meeting.

AN: Let’s get married!

SHCJ: I don’t want to….





At a concert…

LMW: I think you are all disgusting.

SHCJ: You are too.



SHCJ were waiting outside of the dorm when Eric and Hye Sung came out wearing black suits with serious faces.

SHCJ: Oppa! Where are you going?

ER: (serious) A funeral.

SHCJ stood frozen, feeling sorry, when Jun Jin came out.

SHCJ: Oppa, where are you going?

JJ: (Brightly) A nightclub with Eric and Hye Sung hyung!



During Shinhwa’s debut days, a SHCJ wanted to remain in Hye Sung’s memory.

SHCJ: Oppa, can you curse at me once?

HS: …..get out of the way, f*ck.



A SHCJ saw Hye Sung’s car and boldly wrote her number on his car.

The next day, a call comes in from Hye Sung.

HS: Don’t even try to explain and let me talk to your mom!!!

Lesson: Hye Sung’s car is very special to him.



Shinhwa threw birthday rice cakes into the audience at a concert. All the SHCJ avoided the rice cakes with a serious face.

The SHCJ that got hit in the face picked it up with a straight face and threw it back to the stage.



Shinhwa sprayed water at a concert.

Most fans would be ecstatic to get hit with water, but SHCJ split like Moses’ miracle at the Red Sea.



Lee Min Woo messed up on a dance move and one SHCJ stared right in his face, shaking her head and making an X with her hands.



LMW: Everyone! Did you eat?

SHCJ: No!!!!

LMW: Then lose weight~



Min Woo rode his motorcycle to his house where SHCJ was waiting.

LMW: Ah…these crazy b*tches are here again.
SHCJ: (like it’s nothing) Ah…this f*cker is sh*tting with us again.



Drunk Eric headed into the dorm, ignoring all of the SHCJ waiting outside.

But later, he appeared on the balcony.

ER: It’s raining red rain!

He began to spray ketchup at SHCJ.

He threw mints at them at another time.



A SHCJ made a sign out of the picture where Eric and Hye Sung are licking a cake knife together.

Thinking it was photoshopped and not realizing it’s what Eric and Hye Sung did on their own, they got all serious and said, “Ah, seriously. Don’t do things like this.”




Drunk Eric grabbed the hand of one SHCJ and began running around the neighborhood without explanation.

And then he left the SHCJ in the middle of the street and ran home.



Fan g.o.d and SHCJ were waiting for g.o.d and Shinhwa after a broadcast.

When g.o.d first came out, all the fan g.o.ds chased after the van, crying and screaming.

When Shinhwa came out, the SHCJ started angrily kicking the van, yelling, “Open the door! Come out! We’re the ones who raised you!”

Shinhwa got out of the van and even took the fans’ cards, making the crying fan g.o.ds start laughing.



SHCJ and fan g.o.d got into a fight and fan g.o.d won.

g.o.d: Please don’t fight…TT

Shinhwa: Did you win??? You lost?? Why did you lose!!!



When other singers say they’re tired, fans say, “Oppa, fighting!”

When Shinhwa says they’re tired, SHCJ says, “It’s because you’ve aged,” “Quit smoking,” and “Stop meeting girls.”



A SHCJ spotted Jun Jin on the street, wearing his ‘bread’ hat.

SHCJ: If I spot you with the ‘bread’ hat one more time, I’m going to set it on fire!



Two SHCJs were waiting for Dong Wan at a salon.

DW: You skipped school and came here, huh?

Dong Wan was so serious that the SHCJs got scared and answered honestly.

Dong Wan made them do squats the entire time he was getting his hair done as punishment.



A SHCJ accidently stepped on Jun Jin’s foot.

JJ: Hey! Apologize!

SHCJ: Why should I….?



SHCJs were waiting outside of the Shinhwa dorm when a van passed out.

From the van, omeone yelled, “SECHS KIES JJANG!”

SHCJs got angry, when the van passed by again, yelling, “H.O.T JJANG!”

SHCJs got even angrier, and when the van came by a third time and started rolling down the window, SHCJ started cursing at the person.

Suddenly, Min Woo popped out and whispered, “Shinhwa jjang….”

SHCJs chased after the van, apologizing to Min Woo.



Fans were outside of the Shinhwa dorm, arguing about the best OTP

“Ricsyung is the best!”

“Minsyung is the best!”

All of the sudden, the door to the balcony opened.

“Woodong is the best!”

And Min Woo went back inside.



Dong Wan used to ride his bicycle around the dorm.

He would appear and disappear within three seconds, earning him the nickname of ‘3-second man’

On Sundays, he rode his bicycle past his fans, telling them to go to church.



When fans spotted Dong Wan, he began running away from them.

Dong Wan caught a cab to run away, but waited until the fans caught up to him, before he yelled, “Chase me if you can!” Then he hopped into the taxi. 



Dong Wan is famous for lecturing fans in front of the gate, so SHCJ used to hide behind buildings and trashcans whenever they spotted Dong Wan coming home.

Once, as Dong Wan entered the dorms, he snickered and said, “You cuties…I see all of you.”



Hye Sung came out of the dorm.

SHCJ: Oppa, aren’t you going to straighten your hair?

HS: I’m going to buy a straightener right now!!!



SHCJ bought a hair straightener for Hye Sung, but when Hye Sung wasn’t there, the SHCJ gave it to Dong Wan.

A bit irritated, Dong Wan took off his hat.

He just shaved his head that day.



SHCJ and a friend spotted Jun Jin on the street.

Friend: Hey, isn’t that Jun Jin?

SHCJ: (in a loud voice) Ah, why did he come out wearing clothes like that? So effing embarrassing.

Jun Jin heard and ran away in embarrassment.



SHCJs were eating in front of the Shinhwa dorm when water fell out of nowhere.

When they looked up, they saw nothing.

Then more water fell from the sky.

It turned out that Eric and Jun Jin were spraying the fans with water guns from the window.



Drunk Andy arrived at the dorm to the welcome some SHCJ camping out.

He started passing bags of shrimp chips to the fans, telling them to eat it.

Fans said no, and Andy replied all tipsy, “Fine~ Do what you want,” and went inside.



Jun Jin and Eric were eating ice cream when one of them dropped it on the ground.

When fans tried to pick it up, Jun Jin and Eric yelled for the fans to stop.

The fans threw them 500 won to buy new ice cream and took the dropped one away.



After lecturing and punishing fans for so long in the summer, Dong Wan felt bad and bought everyone an ice cream bar.



When he was promoting ‘Handkerchief,’ Dong Wan took all the fans, who came for the live recording, and bought them ice cream.



At a fanmeeting, Dong Wan read a letter to his fans.

DW: Minsun, who tripped and ate dirt after trying to run away from me, let’s have soju one day.”



This is the beginning of when Dong Wan started being called uncle.

When Dong Wan arrived at the dorm, one fan called him “Uncle, Uncle,” making the other fans send angry glares.

However, Dong Wan looked at the fan and replied, “Oh, my niece. Did you stop by to see uncle?” and carried on a short conversation being that fan’s uncle momentarily before going inside.

Other fans tried to pull the uncle title, but were flat out ignored by Dong Wan.



Dong Wan once lectured a fan for two hours for camping outside of the dorm, telling her to stop worrying her mom and go to a good college.

The Dong Wan fan ended up going home crying and never returned to the dorms.

The fan later revealed that she’s always thankful for Dong Wan because she went to college because of him.



When SHCJs were camping outside of the dorm, Dong Wan got all of their home numbers and called their parents.

When no one answered or the parents didn’t care, Dong Wan finally admitted that he lost and played hide-and-seek with them. He told them to go home at night though.



Hye Sung always told fans to hurry up and go because Dong Wan was coming home.



A SHCJ and her friend were on their way home after a performance, when a man wearing a helmet and riding a motorcycle stopped next to them.

Man: You didn’t go home yet?

Friend: Ajussi, what are you doing?

Man: (seeing the orange light stick) Did you come from watching Shinhwa? You should go home soon.

SHCJ and friend looked at each other, thinking the man was some psycho delivery man.

Then all of the sudden, another fan from the back screamed, “It’s Jun Jin!!!”

The man then turned on the motorcycle engine and sped off.



Some SHCJs were hiding in the men’s bathroom at the KBS station, when Jun Jin came in. The SHCJs stayed quiet while Jun Jin took care of his business, then they heard him say, “F*ck, there’s no tissue.”

He  yelled out if anyone had tissue and a SHCJ who had a tissue packet handed it to him under the stall, but not before writing, “Think of SHCJ as you use this” on it. 

SHCJs left the bathroom after that, but later heard Jun Jin say to Dong Wan, “It was so f*cking embarrassing.”



A few days before Valentine’s Day, Dong Wan wrote on his blog, “I don’t like chocolate~ Don’t give me any.”

SHCJ replied, “We weren’t planning on give you any chocolate.”

A day before Valentine’s Day, Dong Wan posted, “Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day~! Let it pour rain!”



When Kim Dong released his solo album, he told SHCJ to listen to a song he made for SHCJ. 

If it was any other fan, she would have been touched and bought ten more albums, but SHCJ wondered why Dong Wan was doing something he never does and was forcibly pretending like they were friends or whatnot. 

The funny thing was the song was titled ‘Listen…for SHCJ.’





At the end-of-the-year ceremony, Dong Wan handed Hye Sung a key to a locker, saying Jun Jin left a present inside.

Hye Sung, who was with Kangta, went to the locker room and opened it, only to find Eric hiding inside.

Seeing such a thing for the first time, Kangta became speechless, but Hye Sung just closed the door and locked Eric inside.

Eric ended up escaping by breaking the locker door and Dong Wan paid for the damages.



Hye Sung was leaving the dorm, so some fans followed him in secret to the PC room.

There, they saw Hye Sung looking through a Minsyung fanfic forum.




Drunk Jun Jin tripped and fell flat on the ground.

When he realized fans were watching, he got up in a heartbeat and started sprinting home.



A fan saw an intoxicated man on the ground.

It turned out to be a Shinhwa member.



Fans were waiting for Shinhwa in front of the dorm, when the members came after drinking.

Drunk, Dong Wan handed a fan a 10 won and said, “Buy a house and car with this.”

Just then, Eric hit Dong Wan on the head and got angry. Then he gave the fan a 50 won and said, “Buy everything with this~”



Jun Jin and Eric were eating red bean shaved ice at a café, when they spotted fans by the window. Eric smiled and revealed the red bean stuck between his teeth.



Dong Wan opened the bathroom door and found Eric lying in the bathtub while wearing a coat.

As Dong Wan became startled, Eric sprayed ketchup on him and yelled, “Dong Wan!! It’s dangerous!”



Dong Wan came home to find Jun Jin and Eric completely drunk.

They went into the room and came out wearing nothing but a necktie and began dancing.

Then they asked Dong Wan to take pictures because they were going to use it for something.



During Shinhwa’s 8th album promotions, people can speculating whether or not Shinhwa was singing live or lipsyncing.

So during on live performance, Eric rapped, “Ah yeah…. Shinhwa~”



Hye Sung told Eric to come to his concert, but Eric refused.

When Hye Sung said that Wonder Girls will be coming out, Eric said that he has a lot of time and if Hye Sung doesn’t give him a ticket, he’ll buy his own tickets and come.

When Eric ended up coming, he was on his phone when Wonder Girls was performing, but he watched intensely when Hye Sung was dancing to Wonder Girls’ ‘Tell Me.’

It became something to make fun of Hye Sung for 100 years.

The next day, Eric showed up at the concert again, but this time, he sat in the second floor by a corner, presumably because Hye Sung didn’t give him a ticket.



Min Woo was washing his hair when he called Andy over.

Andy came into the bathroom with a bottle of ketchup as Min Woo asked Andy to spray water on his soapy hair.

Andy held the water over Min Woo’s head, all the while squirting ketchup on it at the same time.

Suddenly, Min Woo started screaming, “AHH!! BLOOD! ANDY!!! WHAT HAPPENED! IM BLEEDING FROM MY HEAD!!!”



A daughter of a broadcast station staff was visiting, when Eric pinpointed at the paper dolls she was playing with.

He asked her for one and the girl gave it to him, a little scared.

Eric ran to the other members with the paper doll saying it was fun.

Jun Jin replied, “Wow!!!! Can I have one too?”



Min Woo and Hye Sung were on their way home after drinking.

MW: Hye Sung, you must be happy.

HS: Why?

MW: You sing well, you’re tall…and….

HS: And what?

MW: Your –beep- is big too.



Hye Sung and Eric went into the dorm and came out soon after, but their clothes were swapped.



Dong Wan complained about cigarette smoke, so Eric went into an empty refrigerator and smoked. Proof shot.



During Shinhwa’s trainee days, Shinhwa was told to go exercise on a mountain.

Instead, Shinhwa played around and before returning to the company, they poured water on their heads to pretend like they’ve been sweating.

The company told them to leave if they were going to be like this.

Shinhwa coolly left. Lee Soo Man had to stop them.


Credit to here, here, and here. Translations by gracefulness

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